Baked Jalapeño Poppers

Baked Jalapeno Poppers

One of my favorite things back in the day was those TGIF frozen jalapeño poppers that you would pop in the oven.  OMG.  They were amazing.  Remember them?!!?  They probably still exist actually.  Not good for you, by any means, but they were tasty.  Well, now that I keep a closer eye on the things I eat, those are out of the question.  The laundry list of crazy ingredients is just bad news.  Luckily, I have these babies to fill the void.  They taste BETTER than the boxed version and only have a handful of ingredients.  Score!

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Recipe Roundup: Lunches for Hot Summer Days

6 healthy lunch recipes for hot summer days

This has been one of the hottest and driest summers we have had, at least in our area, in a couple of years.  We rarely get any days at or close to 90 degrees and we have had them in surplus this year.  We have also had very little rain, with the exception of a HUGE storm that just rolled through this morning (thank you thank you thank you!!!).  Now, I am loving the summer heat, don’t get me wrong.  But, you must remember, I work at a greenhouse.  Outdoors.  All day.  Often times baking in the glass or plastic greenhouses that are upwards of 100 degrees daily.  So, this summer, I have mostly been attached to a hose making up for the lack of rain.  The moral of the story?  When it is that hot out you don’t have an appetite for anything.  But, if you don’t eat something, you will probably faint.  So here is a roundup of my 6 all time favorite lunches to get you through those hot summer days.  They are cool and refreshing and keep you energized for a tough day outdoors.

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Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

A delicious tropical inspired breakfast smoothie loaded with superfoods including chia seeds and coconut oil!

There is something about smoothies for breakfast lately … I just can’t get enough.  I think it is partially the portability factor.  Especially in the summer when I am running all over trying to fit as much into a day as possible.  It is also partially that they are so dang good and refreshing.  Nothing better on a hot day at work than drinking a yummy, frozen smoothie.  So, instead of my typical berry based smoothie, I went another route to mix it up.  Okay, let’s be honest I was just day dreaming of piña coladas and going to Aruba!!  But, I wound up with this totally delicious tropical breakfast smoothie.

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How To Dehydrate Your Own Herbs

how to dehydrate your own herbs at home in three easy steps

Today was one of those wonderful days off.  No where to go and nothing pressing to do.  I spent the morning outside playing with the dogs and weeding in the garden.  Then I cut my oregano plant way back and brought all of it in to dehydrate.  Dehydrating is one of my favorite ways to preserve my herbs.  It is so easy to do and they are ready to use all winter long!  Curious how to dehydrate your own herbs?  Then read on, my friend!

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July 2016 Vegetable Garden

A glimpse into my July 2016 vegetable garden. Including what is working and what isn't and helpful tips for you!

Okay my dear friends, gardening season is in FULL swing.  Which is part of the reason why I have been hanging around on the blog a little less often lately.  I’ve been busy outside playing in the garden and soaking up the sun.  Also we’ve been going on random beach adventures and impromptu frozen yogurt dates.  You know, the important things in life.  How have you been enjoying your summer?  Doing anything super cool?  The weather here has been a lot hotter and drier than typical years, but my plants are loving it so I am not complaining!  My two raised beds are off to the races and I am getting excited for some fresh produce!  So here is a roundup of my July 2016 vegetable garden along with some helpful tips for your home gardens!

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