A Day In The Life: Organization

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acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Napoli I love lists.  Maybe a little too much.  I have multiple notebooks.  Multiple lists.  Sticky notes everywhere.  You would think I had my sh** together.  My fridge currently has 6 lists on it, plus a calendar.  Well … turns out I don’t have the most organized system.  See, here is the problem with lists.  They only work if you stick to them.  Or if you could find them.  Or if you can remember what stuff is on what list.  It is turning into a real cluster.  So, in my ever growing effort to amass as many random hobbies/habits as possible, I am starting a bullet journal.  A what?  Just go on Pinterest … you will be hooked.  Or you will think I’m insane, one of the two.

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Now, I didn’t really do much research into the whole bullet journal concept to be honest.  If you want to look into the nuts and bolts of bullet journaling, check out the official site here!  Also, Boho Berry has a ton of posts on bullet journaling too.  Or, you can be like me and do little to no research and expect things to go smoothly (probably not the right plan or advice lol ).  I just took screen shots of a bunch of pictures I found on Pinterest started doodling with old gel pens I found from my high school days.  This was the result …

gel pens

So after that epic fail I went to the store in search of a notebook…..  apparently bullet journals are made in these notebooks with a faint grid of dots on the pages (so everything is neat and tidy).  Well, I went to 3 stores in a hunt for said journal and it just doesn’t exist.  Except on the internet.  The official bullet journal website sells the notebooks.  Also, from my Pinterest research, a lot of people use these fancy notebooks on Amazon.  But I, as usual, was being cheap and thought I could find a much better version for less money at a discount store.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Yeah, well, I ended up with a normal notebook with lined pages.  I think it might work for now, I’ll keep you posted. Monthly lists

So, the basis of bullet journaling (as I am using it) is basically putting all of your lists/calendar appointments/hopes and dreams/etc. into one place.  You start off with a yearly review of each month and things you know are coming up (vacations/birthdays/etc.) and any yearly goals.  Then, you break it down by month, and then by day or week.  I already make daily/weekly lists of to-do’s so I think this shouldn’t be too much different … just hopefully more organized since my current lists are everywhere.  See below photo for proof.  They are EVERYWHERE.


I am hoping this will help me make a habit of posting to you guys more, as well as on social media!  I also took over the social media for my work, so I need a way to keep on track with that too.  Right now, I have 3 notebooks going … one for home, one for the blog, and one for my work.  I am hoping this is a way to streamline the craziness.  People also use it to track spending/savings, workouts, water intake, etc.  In my notebook I am including a gratitude log, workout tracker, and a section on books I want to read (again, these were all separate lists and places before).  I might add a section on parks/places I want to visit as well (another list I have on paper and on my phone).

book shelf

Confession time … after the major gel pen depression where I pouted and threw all of my sparkly gel pens away and complained to Matt I have NOOOO pens and NOTHINGGGGG pretty to use I bought some new fancy pens on Amazon.  They actually JUST CAME in the mail as I was writing this post.  EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!  They are so pretty.   : ))))  But, I still feel a little guilty about buying them lol.  But, anyways, they are these beauties.  And I will probably spend a lot of time this afternoon doodling with them, haha.  And hopefully using them to transfer over some of my thousand lists, like this one on my phone that I have forgotten about for months…

phone notes

Once I get into the swing of things, I will give y’all an update and maybe a little more in depth review of HOW to bullet journal.  Like I said, I really am still trying to figure it out myself.  I will probably tweak things a lot before I find a way that works for me.

Over to you guys … How do you stay organized??  What are your favorite tips?  Also, if you bullet journal … Please share your tricks and what works for you!!

much love,



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