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dove acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Verona Every morning I come outside and play in the garden for at least a little bit.  This time of the year there is always stuff to pick, weed, tie up on the trellis, etc.  Obviously, my favorite of the 3 is to pick the veggies!  Weeding always comes last.  Lol.  So when I come in the house with a bowl of tomatoes, I am trying to think of what to make with them!  I try not to repeat meals too much so we don’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over again.  Luckily, there is no shortage of things to do with tomatoes.  This Bruschetta is super easy and super flavorful; you can’t beat that!

click here bruschetta from garden

go to link I got the idea to make this tastiness from my sister, aka- Sherm!  We for some reason one day got the nicknames “Sherm” (Shannon) and “Herm” (Heather).  Then we started extending it, “Merm” (mamma).  Then it started getting weird … “Derm” (Daddy) “Germ” (Grandma) “Zerm” (Zachary).  Some of those didn’t stick, lol.  But Sherm and Herm sure did.  But anyways, now that you think we are super strange, we all went to Sherm’s house a few weekends ago to make salsa.  Which, I think I already told you guys was a FULL DAY THING.  Till 1:30 AM to be exact.  But, in the end, we wound up with 126 pint jars of salsa.  Which is pretty fantastic.  We split it 3 ways: Herm/Sherm/Merm and all went home with lots of yummy salsa.  My derm  has already eaten 4 jars lol (update: 6 jars).  We told him he needs to ration it so he has enough to last him until next year.  But I can’t blame him, it is addicting!!!  For lunch and dinner during salsa making, Sherm made salsa/tomato themed meals.  Taco dip, guac, bruschetta, and lots of salsa taste testing.  Everything was SO SO yummy and I went home wanting bruschetta for every meal.  And so did Merm because in our group text, she was asking for the recipe!  So this one is a shout out to all the -erms out there.  Love y’all!  Also a shout out to Dixie who was waiting very patiently for her chance to sneak a taste.

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miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Bologna Any who, if you have lots of tomatoes, you should make this, like right now.  If you are feeling extra frisky, you can make your own baguette.  I do every once in a while, but I just didn’t have the time this week.  A whole wheat baguette will work just fine.  Or really any yummy, crusty bread.  This also works with any type of tomato.  I did a mix of big & small guys because that is what I had in the garden.  I wasn’t sure how the cherry tomatoes would be in there, but they are just fine!  You really don’t notice any difference once it is all mixed up.  What else do you need?  Any type of onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and a little melty cheese action on the top.  SO good.  Now I want to whip up another batch.  Nom noms.  This is more of a ‘I just chop up whatever I’ve got on hand and drizzle in some oil & vinegar’ type of thing but I tried to get some actual measurements for you guys. But trust me, you really can’t go wrong.

Recipe type: Appetizer
A quick and easy bruschetta made with garden fresh tomatoes. Perfect appetizer or lunch any day of the week!
  • 2 cups chopped tomatoes
  • ¼ cup chopped onion
  • ¼ cup chopped basil
  • 1 clove minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • fresh grated parmesan cheese, for topping
  • 1 whole wheat baguette, sliced
  1. Preheat oven to broil.
  2. Spread slices of baguette in a single layer on cookie sheet. Put baguette slices in oven until toasty (doesn't take long on broil, only a few minutes!)
  3. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix together tomato, onion, basil, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
  4. Place heaping spoonfuls of tomato mixture onto each slice of baguette. Sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan.
  5. Put the bruschetta back in the broiler for a couple more minutes until cheese is browning/bubbling.
  6. Serve hot!

bruschetta close up

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