All Natural Tub and Toilet Cleaner tub and toilet

comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Roma Happy Tuesday night everyone!  Matt just finished up my cold frame and it is SO awesome.  I love it!  I will be posting photos of it tomorrow when there is some sunlight!  Today was a major clean the house day around here.  Cleaning inside has been taking a back seat to puppy training and yard work, so today was the day to catch up!  I had to mix up a new batch of cleaning spray so I thought I would share it with you all.

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Essential Oil of the Month: Lemon!

follow site lemon essential oil Happy November everyone!! I honestly can’t believe it is November already, the past few months have just been flying by.  I have been wanting to share some of my favorite essential oils with you all in a little more detail, so I came up with the idea to feature a different oil every month.  I will share tips and tricks on how to use the oils in various applications so you can join me and infuse your life! For November, I decided to go with Lemon.  Being the first month, I went with the oil I use the most.  Lemon has so many applications; if you are going to buy only ONE oil, pick lemon!

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Top 5 Essential Oils for a Beginner Collection

top 5 oils

Howdy Y’all!

Today I am going to fuel your fire a little more and get you on the path to essential oils!  When I first discovered essential oils, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  I mean, I had never heard of these crazy things before and I already dropped a decent amount of money on a diffuser.  If you are like me, and want to give essential oils a try before going all in, here is my list of top 5 oils to get your collection started.  These, in my eyes, are the main oils that I can’t be without.  I use these 5 ALL THE TIME!

Safety first!-  Just an FYI guys, before applying ANY oil to your skin, test for sensitivity first by putting a drop on an inconspicuous area.  Although not common, people sometimes do have skin reactions.  An amazing tip I learned at an essential oil seminar is that if you are having a reaction to an oil or if they happen to get in your eye, you flush the area with OIL (olive oil, coconut oil, etc), not water (like you might expect!)  Water will just make the reaction worse!  I never would have known that and would have immediately reached for water, so I wanted to share that tid bit with you!

If essential oils are a totally new subject to you, check out my intro post on them.

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Essential Oil Overview


I used to be a candle junkie, burning them all the time in every room of the house.  Now my candles sit idly by while my diffuser pumps out essential oils.  I don’t really even know how I got into essential oils, but I am SO happy I did.  They have so many amazing properties and characteristics, it is truly fascinating.

Aromatherapy is basically using the natural properties of extracted plant oils to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well being.  Essential oils can be inhaled, diffused, massaged onto the body, added to cleaning products, and so much more.  Essential oils and aromatherapy can be used as a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Aromatherapy is well known for aiding in a myriad of everyday problems.  Everything from stress relief, sleeplessness, muscle aches, cold and flu relief, headaches…the list goes on and on!!

I am a bit of an old fashioned, real life book lover, I know I can find all of the info I would ever need online, but something about sitting down and actually reading a book always wins in my heart.  Every time I get into a new hobby or area of interest, my first instinct is always, head to Amazon and buy some books on the subject.  If you are like me, here are 3 amazing resources to learn about essential oils. My copies are covered in sticky notes of oils, blends, ailments and cleaning recipes to try!

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