A Day In The Life: Organization

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acquistare viagra generico consegna rapida a Firenze I love lists.  Maybe a little too much.  I have multiple notebooks.  Multiple lists.  Sticky notes everywhere.  You would think I had my sh** together.  My fridge currently has 6 lists on it, plus a calendar.  Well … turns out I don’t have the most organized system.  See, here is the problem with lists.  They only work if you stick to them.  Or if you could find them.  Or if you can remember what stuff is on what list.  It is turning into a real cluster.  So, in my ever growing effort to amass as many random hobbies/habits as possible, I am starting a bullet journal.  A what?  Just go on Pinterest … you will be hooked.  Or you will think I’m insane, one of the two.

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