Energizing Body Scrub

vardenafil 20 mg prezzo più basso essential oil scrub copy

enter Cold weather calls for some extra love for your skin.  Typically, in the winter my skin is really dry and it isn’t any fun.  Lotions give some relief, but sometimes I need a little more.  Body scrubs are the answer.  They make my skin SO soft and feeling great.  The best part?  You can make them at home for a fraction of the price of those fancy store scrubs.  Also, this scrub has only 3 ingredients.  Sugar, almond oil, and essential oil.  Perfect!!

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Packing the Freezer for Winter: Part 1

after freezer

Happy September everyone!!!  With summer and gardens coming to a close, I wanted to share with you guys how to make the most out of the summer produce that is still out there.  Here, we still have quite a bit of local produce coming in, so I am making sure to grab it up before it is gone.  Trust me, in the winter, having local produce in the freezer is really such a treat.  Now, forgive me, some of these pictures are really bad.  But, I was going through my freezer at night and you can only make frozen food in ziplock bags in poor kitchen lighting look so good.  (aka bad).  So I decided to mix it up and I threw in some pictures from my Instagram account of the produce (pre freezer) to brighten things up!

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Essential Oil of the Month: Orange

DSC_2535 Today I got a bunch of oranges and grapefruits for free from work.  I was pretty excited about it because, helloooo, free!!!  So I came home and squeezed them all down to get myself some delicious orange/grapefruit juice.  I didn’t know how the 2 would be mixed together, but let me tell you, it is AWESOME!  So now that I am full of vitamin C I am all ready to rock and roll with February’s essential oil of the month… you guessed it, ORANGE!  This is really an awesome oil all around.  It has a lot of similar qualities as lemon and is just a rockstar for a lot of different applications around the house.

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All Natural Glass and Window Cleaner


My windows are usually covered in doggie slobbers.  The pups like to look out the windows and watch the people go by and be on bunny patrol.  They take their job very seriously (as seen in the following photos).  Needless to say, we need a good window cleaner in this house.  Yes, I want clean windows, but I don’t want to be putting chemicals on the windows that aren’t safe for the dogs.  I know a lot of people have similar concerns on cleaning windows and mirrors with small children at home.  Kids do some goofy stuff, and most people just feel more at ease knowing there aren’t chemicals all over the windows.

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Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender

essential oil of the month lavender

Happy January my friends!  Sorry this post is slightly later in the month than usual.  I have been cooking up the storm and have a lot of delicious food posts in the works for y’all!  But, I didn’t forget about one of my favorite hobbies … essential oils.  For January, I decided to go with an oil that everyone is familiar with…lavender.  It is such a popular and versatile oil that I needed to get it featured.  Lavender goes hand-in-hand with relaxation and sleep related products but it has some other hidden qualities that you may not know about.  Let’s get started!

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