Essential Oil Overview

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I used to be a candle junkie, burning them all the time in every room of the house.  Now my candles sit idly by while my diffuser pumps out essential oils.  I don’t really even know how I got into essential oils, but I am SO happy I did.  They have so many amazing properties and characteristics, it is truly fascinating.

Aromatherapy is basically using the natural properties of extracted plant oils to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well being.  Essential oils can be inhaled, diffused, massaged onto the body, added to cleaning products, and so much more.  Essential oils and aromatherapy can be used as a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Aromatherapy is well known for aiding in a myriad of everyday problems.  Everything from stress relief, sleeplessness, muscle aches, cold and flu relief, headaches…the list goes on and on!!

I am a bit of an old fashioned, real life book lover, I know I can find all of the info I would ever need online, but something about sitting down and actually reading a book always wins in my heart.  Every time I get into a new hobby or area of interest, my first instinct is always, head to Amazon and buy some books on the subject.  If you are like me, here are 3 amazing resources to learn about essential oils. My copies are covered in sticky notes of oils, blends, ailments and cleaning recipes to try!

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