Cucumber and Dill Dip

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source link If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I recently fell into a large amount of dill.  And by fell into, I mean I saw it at the farmers market and had to buy it!  It was only $2.99 and almost as tall as I am!  So expect a few dill themed recipes coming your way!  Are you ready?  Because here is the first one.  And fair warning, it is addicting.  Like I-wish-I-would-have-quadrupled-the-recipe addicting.  But unfortunately, I only had a single cucumber ready to be picked on my plants in the garden, so I will have to wait a bit to make it again.

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quanto costa viagra generico 200 mg online a Parma This is one of my favorite things about summer time.  I love just going with whatever I have in the garden or see at the farmers market to inspire my next meal.  It is so much fun to be creative with what is in season at that moment.  Food just tastes so much better when it is picked fresh.  Sorry grocery store cucumbers, but you will never compare to my just-picked cucumber.  You just won’t.  Or to dill that was just picked that morning and is still so full of life and flavor.  You honestly cannot beat it.

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go A few tips about this recipe before I get into all of the details… This dip is on the thinner side, due to the ingredients in it.  Cucumbers hold a ton of moisture and some greek yogurts can be thin too.  Don’t worry though!  Either A) you don’t mind a thinner dip because the pitas are nice and thick and get all the goodness anyways (this is how I am) OR B) you take out some of the moisture while you are prepping.  The easiest ways?  After you chop up your cucumber, lay it all out on a paper towel while you mix the rest of the ingredients.  This will release a lot of that extra water in the cukes which will help.  Also, if you buy a lot of greek yogurt, you know that different brands are different thicknesses.  I have found Fage is the thickest, followed by Chobani, and store brands tend to be the thinnest.  If you want a thicker dip, go for the thicker greek yogurt.  I also used whole feta in brine, which has more liquid in it.  If you use crumbled feta, yours will be thicker.  You can mix this all by hand if you want, or you could mix together the feta/greek yogurt/lemon juice with a food processor/ninja/magic bullet.  I mixed it by hand, but if you pulse it all together it would give you a thicker, creamier base.  I honestly think it is perfect how it is because it tastes so amazing, but Matt was thinking it could be a little thicker.  So if you follow those tips, you will be just fine! As far as the dill goes, you can really use whatever part of the plant you can find.  Dill recipes usually fall into 2 categories, either using the big yellow heads (pictured in my photos) or using the darker green leafy parts of the plant.  If you are making pickles, you normally put a yellow head in with each jar of pickles and that is what gives them that delicious dill flavor.  So if you bought a whole group of dill stalks and made pickles, you will have a bunch of dill leaves left over.  Recipes like this are a perfect place to use them.  The dill leaves have just as much flavor as the heads and go perfect in dill flavored recipes.  You could also use dried dill if you can’t get fresh, just make sure to use a third of what I call for, since the flavors will be much more concentrated in dried. dill dip in tea cup So now that you are equipped with knowledge, here is the recipe for you guys!  It is honestly so easy. Serve with pitas and you will be so happy.

Cucumber and Dill Dip
Recipe type: Dips
A healthy and delicious cucumber and dill dip made with feta, greek yogurt, and lemon juice
  • 1 cup finely chopped cucumber, excess water removed by laying out on a paper towel
  • 8 ounces feta cheese, crumbled
  • ½ cup plain greek yogurt, the thicker the better
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons finely diced dill (ether flower or leaves)
  1. In a medium bowl (or a food processor/ninja/chopper) mix together feta, greek yogurt, lemon juice, and dill.
  2. Mix in chopped cucumber gently (so you don't break them all up)
  3. Serve cold.

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