Dog Photo Bombs

dixie with breakfast potatoes

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you are enjoying spending time with your families and friends today!  I thought I would share some pictures of my fur babies today “helping” and “overseeing” all of the behind the scenes work that goes on around here.  One of the hardest parts of blogging is working on my photography skills (of which I don’t really have any yet haha).  A lot of the food I make looks good in person and tastes amazing, but when I go to photograph it, it looks like a giant lump of mush.  I am working on it, I promise!  Luckily, I have my two sidekicks, Sid and Dixie to assist.  And by assist, I mean slowly creep closer and closer to whatever I am taking a picture of while pretending to be invisible.  These are all 100% unstaged, real life pictures.  It is just a typical day of food photography in my house!  They honestly think they are flying completely under the radar.  If you ever see a glimpse of a nose or a wiggly butt in the corner, you will now know why!








In other news, we hosted Easter for the first time at our house.  We got a fresh ham from a local farmer and I tried to make my grandparents sauerkraut recipe by myself.  I called my Grandma a few times for guidance, but it turned out just like theirs and instantly reminded me of their house.  Matts mom made her Grandmothers Easter bread for the first time, which turned out delicious.  So it was an awesome day filled with great food memories.




Of course, no holiday is complete without a few oopsie’s.  We have never cooked a fresh ham before and looked it up a few places online and followed their directions…well, we burnt it.  I guess we should have been checking it more, we checked it an hour before it was supposed to be done and it was overdone.  Sigh.  So of course, I felt really bad about it but it actually still had a really good taste to it.  It was just a little dry.  Then, the jury is still out on who dropped it (Matt vs his mom) but a plastic spoon ended up in the back of the oven and was melting away.  Matts brother went in for it and now has a nice burn mark on his arm.   But, other than that, it was successful!  We had cole slaw, mashed potatoes, green bean pasta salad, Easter bread, green pepper pasta bake, spinach salad, & corn.  Then we were all in major food comas.





What Easter traditions do you have at your house?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below!  What do you normally cook?  My favorite part of Easter ham is the leftover ham sandwiches on a kaiser bun with cole slaw on top!  I saved the ham bone and I am going to try to make some sort of soup out of it!  We will see how that turns out, haha.



dixie photo bomb

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