Essential Oil Blend for Congestion/Allergies & A Special Message

see url Matt and I both woke up the other morning feeling like we got run over by the allergy bus. Sinus headaches, congestion, stuffy nose, sore throat.  It was terrible and totally out of no where.  It was also strange that we both seemed to catch the same exact cold.  Overnight.  Matt asked me to mix up a blend in the diffuser to get us feeling back to normal and I thought I would share it with you.  Matt’s brother and dad came to town later in the day and said before they even came inside they smelled the diffuser.  They thought the whole house smelled like a cough drop lol.  I took that as a compliment haha.  Since we weren’t sure what the heck was the issue I wanted a blend for our current symptoms (congested, stuffy nose, sinus headache) as well as preventing anything bigger that might be lurking (cold or flu).

source Aside from diffusing oils, we also did a deep cleaning of the bedroom; washing the sheets and vacuuming the floors.  Also, if you are ever feeling stuffed up, do yourself a favor and drop some peppermint essential oil in your shower before hopping in.  It is HEAVEN.  Even if you aren’t stuffed up, just go for it.  It smells amazing and will wake you right up!   As I’ve mentioned before peppermint is my BFF. So here is the blend I mixed up for us and my reasoning behind it: 4 drops peppermint (See above.  Enough said.  But, from a more technical point of view… peppermint is amazing at clearing out congestion and soothing your sinuses.  It is great rubbed on your chest if you are stuffed up.)

clomid brand name vs generic drug 4 drops lemon (A no brainer choice when it comes to fighting colds.  Lemon is a super star.    It is often used to cure flus, viruses, colds, etc)

4 drops eucalyptus (Its leaves are used in cough medicines, containing extremely high levels of eucalyptol.  The oil contains 70% eucalyptol; making it very effective in fighting chest based coughs.  It eases breathing, coughing, and blocked nasal passages.)

2 drops tea tree (Known to cure respiratory problems and headaches.  Also a known anti fungal and antimicrobial which is often used to ward off flus and colds.)

Alright, change of subject now ….

So aside from soothing your sinuses, I want to wish all of you a very happy holiday and merry Christmas!  Enjoy this time with your friends and family and appreciate all that you are blessed with.  Remember to have some cookies and wine (they are just fine in moderation!) and just be in the moment!  We can ring in the New Year together in sugar detox mode.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as the new year rolls in.  I’m planning some exciting things for 2015 and I want you all to be a part of it!  Join in the conversation.  If you make a recipe off the blog, post it to my Facebook page or share it on instagram with the hashtag #simplefreshnatural.  I would LOVE to see what you all are cooking up in your kitchens!

There was a quote on a few signs on my way to work every day that inspired me to actually get this blog up and running (rather than just dreaming and talking about it) and it was:

“Hesitation kills more dreams than failure”

I love that quote and I think it is so true.  I hesitated to start the blog; then I hesitated to tell anyone about it for like 2 months because I was embarrassed it wasn’t “good enough” yet.  So here is to putting it all out there and diving right in!!  Is there is anything you have been dreaming of doing?  Go for it in 2015!  Is there anything you would like to see here on the blog?  Leave it all in the comments below.  I would love to hear it!

much love,


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