Essential Oil of the Month: Lemon! lemon essential oil

click Happy November everyone!! I honestly can’t believe it is November already, the past few months have just been flying by.  I have been wanting to share some of my favorite essential oils with you all in a little more detail, so I came up with the idea to feature a different oil every month.  I will share tips and tricks on how to use the oils in various applications so you can join me and infuse your life! For November, I decided to go with Lemon.  Being the first month, I went with the oil I use the most.  Lemon has so many applications; if you are going to buy only ONE oil, pick lemon!

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uk viagra sales About the Oil:

purchase viagra without prescription Lemons have been known as a healing fruit, especially for cold/flu like symptoms long before modern medicine came around.  Lemon trees are most popular in Southern Eurpoean countries where it produces fruit several times a year.  The actual essential oil is extracted from the rind of a lemon (not from the fleshy/juicey part like you may think).

generic female viagra uk Lemons Safety First: Before putting any oil on your skin always test for sensitivity.  Lemon can be a mild irritant if you have sensitive skin.  Lemon is also phototoxic; meaning if you are planning to go out in the sun, do NOT apply lemon to the skin before hand.  It will cause your skin to become irritated.



Lemon is bright, fresh, clean, uplifting, and energizing.  It can ease the mind, calm anxiety, balance the nervous system, improve mental clarity, and relieve fatigue.  Lemon is a known disinfectant and can be added to homemade cleaning recipes.  It is also a known anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and immunostimulant making it very useful in fighting infections.  Lemon reduces cellulite and oil production on your skin making it a great natural cure for those pesky pimples.  Lemon has powerful antioxidant properties as well.

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How to Use:

  • Put a few drops down your garbage disposal to freshen the scent.
  • Put a drop or two of oil on a Q-tip and rub over oily skin and pimples.  Lemon reduces oil production in your skin and will aid in keeping your skin clear of blemishes!
  • Drop some oil in the bottom of the shower before hopping in.  Your whole shower will be filled with lemony freshness, lifting your energy levels and mood!
  • Rub on cellulite deposits to improve circulation.
  • To remove gum stuck in hair or onto surfaces, put a few drops on a cotton ball and rub onto the surface.  The same applies to grease build up and stickers you can’t seem to get off.
  • Add to homemade cleaning solutions for extra cleaning power and that lemony fresh smell.
  • Diffuse or inhale whenever you need a boost of energy or a quick lift of mood.
  • Add to blends in your diffuser to fight off cold and fu symptoms.

Here is a link to the brand and exact oil I have.  Amazon has loads of oils out there for you to choose from (Lemon Essential Oils) just be sure to buy one that is 100% pure and therapeutic grade.  Especially if you are planning to apply to your skin in any way! (Please note, this is an affiliate link.  This means you pay the same price but I receive a small percent of the sale.  As always, all money made through affiliate links goes into a separate account for my future children.  Thank you for supporting Simple Fresh Natural!)


I will be sharing some posts throughout the month that feature lemon.  I encourage you all to give essential oils a try and lemon is a great one to get you started.  If you are interested in essential oils in general, check out my essential oil overview.  Also, if you want to get a little collection started, here are my top 5 oils for beginners.



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