Essential Oil of the Month: Orange

informazioni viagra generico 25 mg DSC_2535 Today I got a bunch of oranges and grapefruits for free from work.  I was pretty excited about it because, helloooo, free!!!  So I came home and squeezed them all down to get myself some delicious orange/grapefruit juice.  I didn’t know how the 2 would be mixed together, but let me tell you, it is AWESOME!  So now that I am full of vitamin C I am all ready to rock and roll with February’s essential oil of the month… you guessed it, ORANGE!  This is really an awesome oil all around.  It has a lot of similar qualities as lemon and is just a rockstar for a lot of different applications around the house.

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a quando il cialis generico About the Oil:

get link Orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the plant where the highest concentrations of oil are.  Exciting little tidbit: If you squeeze the peel of an orange, you will see little beads of liquid form that smell very strongly of orange, that is the essential oil!!  Orange has a wide variety of uses in the home, medicine cabinet, and as a household cleaner.  If you have been following my monthly essential oil posts, then you are closing in on my all time favorite oil blend for the diffuser.  Diffuse equal parts lemon, peppermint, and orange for a fresh, clean, and energizing blend.

Clomid package insert Here is a link to the oil I have pictured, I love this brand of oils they are reasonably priced and 100% pure, therapeutic grade. Orange Essential Oil. 10 ml. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. No matter what brand of oils you buy, just make sure that they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade, especially if you plan to use topically.  (Please note, this is an affiliate link meaning you pay the same price, but I receive a small percent of the sale.  Thank you for supporting SFN!)


Safety First:  Orange is generally considered safe for all skin types.  As always though, test your skin for sensitivity.  Orange is considered by some to be safe in the sun, others say it is photo toxic.  To be safe, just don’t apply orange to the skin if you plan on going out in the sun!



Orange has a sweet, fresh, and citrus scent.  It pairs wonderfully with other citrus scents.  Orange is a perfect oil to diffuse in the morning to wake you up and energize you.  It is known to clear acne and dry skin.  It also boosts immunity and is especially great to diffuse when you have a cold or flu.  Orange is often used as a mood booster and is perfect for diffusing when you are stressed.  Orange is also a great oil for upset bellies and sore muscles.  Orange can be added to cleaning solutions around the house.  A lot of people add it to homemade floor & cabinet cleaners.  I would always suggest testing a small patch of your floors in a hidden area before applying to any surface!

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of orange to your homemade household cleaners.
  • Orange has been proven to help treat acne.  Dilute a few drops of oil in a carrier oil (almond, coconut, olive) and apply to acne.
  • Diffuse 10 to 15 drops of orange (or an orange/lemon/peppermint blend) when you wake up to give you an energizing start to your morning.
  • Apply orange oil to stubborn tile stains.  Orange also works well to remove grease build up.
  • Massage orange oil (diluted in a carrier oil) into the abdomen to provide some relief from tummy troubles (constipation, PMS, cramping, bloating, nausea)
  • Orange can help keep bugs away, put a few drops of orange oil around the soil of plants.
  • If you are coming down with a cold, diffuse orange oil with tea tree and lemon to combat germs in the air.  This blend, diluted in a carrier oil, is also great to massage onto the feet to combat a cold or flu.
  • Dilute orange in a carrier oil and massage onto sore muscles.
  • Add a few drops of orange oil to a shower or bath to energize and boost moods.


What is your favorite way to use orange? Let me know in the comments below!

much love,


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