An Experiment in Winter Gardening: End of September DSCN0939

enter site So I am super excited to say, the weather finally took a turn for the better around here!! We have been enjoying unusually warm weather, in the mid 70s, and sunny skies.  Which is just what I needed for some seed germination.  Now I have a mass of seedlings going on…time for some thinning out!  I have a confession about thinning: like most people, I find it very hard to pull out the cute little seedlings and seemingly perfect plants!  Why waste them and throw them in the garbage?! Trust me friends, just do it.  As much as it may pain you now, you will be even more depressed when all of your plants look like little string beans reaching for the light and competing with each other for nutrients.  Then you won’t have ANY kale! OMG! Just thin now and avoid this horrible conundrum. Side note- if you wait for your seedlings to get a little larger you can use them as micro greens in a yummy salad!!! DSCN0940

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Verona So anyways, I know that this weather is short lived, but I am totally enjoying it while it lasts.  We went to a wine festival this weekend supporting our awesome local wine trail! (  Amazing wines and a beautiful area!  Sid and I have been enjoying some wonderful long walks.  Simple joy right there!  I was so compelled by the warm weather to work in the garden, so I am adding another winter garden plant…carrots!  I have carrots currently ready to pull, but I have read if you plant carrots now, you will be able to harvest early Spring when everyone else is just starting to plant.  That sounds fun to me!  I planted 2 square feet of carrot seeds in my garden bed, (about 16 carrots per square) so we will see how they turn out!  I will of course keep you updated on the progress. These two little empty squares are my future carrots! DSCN0941 much love,

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