An Experiment in Winter Gardening The idea of going outside in 3 feet of snow and pulling fresh spinach from the garden for dinner is so intriguing (and seemingly impossible).  So naturally, I am diving in head first to give winter gardening a try.  My go-to strategy when learning something new is to head to Amazon and buy a book or 2 on the subject.  This is exactly what I did and it made me so eager to get started!  I ripped out my zucchini plant at the end of August and had 9 square feet of empty garden to play with; so I mixed in some fresh soil and sprinkled in a mix of spinach, kale, and mustard green seeds that I had left over from my spring planting.  Let me tell you, planting seeds in September feels so wrong, which makes it that much more exciting!! I didn’t know how many seeds would germinate seeing as the temperatures are dropping and sunlight hours are fading, so I just opened up the packets and let them fly.  I figure I will worry about thinning later!

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viagra drug abuse and dependence A week in and it has suddenly gone from 80 degree days and 60 degree nights to 60 degree days and 40 degree nights.  With my seeds liking soil temps around 70 degrees for germination, this is already making things interesting for my winter garden.  Not to worry though, I am starting to see little seedlings emerge from the dirt, so for now we are still good!  I will have to snap a few pictures next time I am out there!

follow I will post my progress of the garden all season long (or as long as the plants are alive haha).  I have never tried to do this before, so I am assuming something will go horribly wrong at some point lol.  But hey, that is how we learn, now isn’t it? My wonderful hubby is going to build me a cold frame (as soon as he finishes his current project) So I will post about that as well. Do you winter garden?  I would love tips & advice! Please share in the comments!

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