Freezer Secrets – Zucchini

You know that time of the year when everyone and their brother is trying to give away zucchini and everyone is sick of eating it?  Zucchini plants are fun like that; so over productive that people can’t eat it fast enough.  When you have had your fill of zucchini bread and fried zucchini, bust out your food processor and shred away! Believe it or not, there will be a point in the dead of winter that you crave a slice of fresh zucchini bread or a recipe calls for zucchini and the ones in the grocery store look disgusting.  This is when you reach in that freezer and smile because you were prepared!!


To freeze zucchini, you just have to shred it up, put it in sandwich baggies, and throw it in the freezer.  Simple as that.  Normally 1 sandwich baggie of frozen shredded zucchini equals 1 shredded zucchini for a recipe.  You lose some of the zucchini when you defrost it; it just turns to water which I normally just drain out.  I use my little baggies all winter long in recipes that call for shredded zucchini and I don’t have to buy a single grocery store zucchini from who knows where!



I have plenty more freezer secrets to come so stay tuned!!  Here is a look into my freezer… (I think I have a problem, lol)



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