“Grown Up” Fried Egg Sandwich

go site fried egg sandwich     Okay guys, lets talk fried egg sandwiches! Does this evoke memories of your childhood for anyone else? I used to love eating these all the time as a kid. Fried egg, mayo, salt and pepper and some toasted bread, yum! Now that I am “all grown up” I have tweaked the sandwich to be healthier & more delicious than ever! Also, let me just add this caveat, don’t eat this on date night! It is a messy, loaded-to-the-top sandwich that you will want to have a stack of napkins nearby for! (but isn’t that the best kind of sandwiches anyways?) Matt calls this a “classic Heather sandwich” because I load it up with so many yummy things that when I go to eat it, it all goes flying out the sides, haha! I have a tendency to do this with all sandwiches and burgers, I just love all the fixins, what can I say! This “recipe” is meant to be more of a guide than anything else, I normally add whatever I have in the house when I have a craving for one.

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click here Ingredients:

see -1 egg

quanto costa il levitra originale 20 mg in farmacia -oil (any will work, but I always use coconut oil)

http://colonialoaksgc.com/?search=viagra-100mg-england -2 slices bread

http://corbinscrusaders.com/?search=free-soft-viagra-samples -avacado

canadian pharmacy viagra pills generic -hot sauce

viagra drugs in nigeria -lettuce/spinach

go to link -tomato


-bell peppers


-other tasty additions: bacon, pickled jalapenos, French sorrel, etc! use your imagination!



  1. Heat up your oil in a skillet and once hot, add your egg. You don’t need to literally “fry” the egg. I put maybe a teaspoon or 2 of oil in my skillet just to add a little of the fried taste. Also, remember to salt and pepper your egg when you drop it in the pan!
  2. Toast your bread and start adding your layers. I begin with slathering the bread with avocado. When I was a kid we always used to use mayo with our egg sandwiches, but trust me, avocado is the way to go! SO GOOD! Then sprinkle on as much hot sauce as you like. Eggs and hot sauce were meant for each other.
  3. Layer it up! Add all of your fixins. Don’t be shy either, give that sandwich a BIG dose of greens! I think I put close to a whole salads worth on there. Add your sliced tomatos, onions, bell peppers, and pickles and anything else you want to add. Pickles and eggs may sound like a strange combo, but trust me, its delicious!!!!!!                                       20140816_125421 20140816_125642


4. Add your egg on the top and be prepared for the most delicious sandwich reminiscent of your childhood!




Enjoy & let me know what you think or what toppings you put on yours!



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