Healthy Snack Idea: Apple, Peanut Butter, and Wheat Germ

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Hello friends, tonight I wanted to share a quick post with you on one of my favorite snack ideas.  Snacking is what usually gets us off track when we are trying to eat healthy.  Normally, you are sitting on the couch watching TV and just WANT to snack on something.  99% of the time, you aren’t even hungry!  My rule: if I am going to snack, I snack on something 100% natural.  That way, even if I feel like snacking while I watch TV, it isn’t going to be something processed and full of unknown ingredients.


This snack checks the boxes on salty (natural peanut butter) and sweet (apple) making it the perfect thing to kick your snacking cravings.  I add wheat germ just for good measure lol.  Get a little extra healthy kick and it tastes super yummy mixed in with the peanut butter!  Wheat germ should be a staple in every home.  It is packed with vitamin E, zinc, thiamin (B vitamin), folic acid, magnesium, and phosphorous.  It is also a great source of non animal protein!


Chop up an apple, put some natural peanut butter in a bowl, and sprinkle wheat germ on top.  Dip and enjoy!



much love,


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