Healthy Snack Idea: Apple, Peanut Butter, and Wheat Germ

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enter Hello friends, tonight I wanted to share a quick post with you on one of my favorite snack ideas.  Snacking is what usually gets us off track when we are trying to eat healthy.  Normally, you are sitting on the couch watching TV and just WANT to snack on something.  99% of the time, you aren’t even hungry!  My rule: if I am going to snack, I snack on something 100% natural.  That way, even if I feel like snacking while I watch TV, it isn’t going to be something processed and full of unknown ingredients.

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go This snack checks the boxes on salty (natural peanut butter) and sweet (apple) making it the perfect thing to kick your snacking cravings.  I add wheat germ just for good measure lol.  Get a little extra healthy kick and it tastes super yummy mixed in with the peanut butter!  Wheat germ should be a staple in every home.  It is packed with vitamin E, zinc, thiamin (B vitamin), folic acid, magnesium, and phosphorous.  It is also a great source of non animal protein!  

source url Chop up an apple, put some natural peanut butter in a bowl, and sprinkle wheat germ on top.  Dip and enjoy!  

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Homemade Pumpkin Butter in Crock Pot

homemade pumpkin butter

Hi all!

Happy Monday! Even though it is Monday, we still have some things to be thankful for.  #1 on my current list- Pumpkin Butter!! I had never even heard of pumpkin butter until a friend asked if the farmers market I work at carried it.  They did carry it, but I figured I could make it myself! If you have ever made apple butter (recipe coming soon) it is basically the same idea.  Throw the ingredients in a crock pot and forget about it!

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“Grown Up” Fried Egg Sandwich

fried egg sandwich     Okay guys, lets talk fried egg sandwiches! Does this evoke memories of your childhood for anyone else? I used to love eating these all the time as a kid. Fried egg, mayo, salt and pepper and some toasted bread, yum! Now that I am “all grown up” I have tweaked the sandwich to be healthier & more delicious than ever! Also, let me just add this caveat, don’t eat this on date night! It is a messy, loaded-to-the-top sandwich that you will want to have a stack of napkins nearby for! (but isn’t that the best kind of sandwiches anyways?) Matt calls this a “classic Heather sandwich” because I load it up with so many yummy things that when I go to eat it, it all goes flying out the sides, haha! I have a tendency to do this with all sandwiches and burgers, I just love all the fixins, what can I say! This “recipe” is meant to be more of a guide than anything else, I normally add whatever I have in the house when I have a craving for one.

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Top 5 Essential Oils for a Beginner Collection

top 5 oils

Howdy Y’all!

Today I am going to fuel your fire a little more and get you on the path to essential oils!  When I first discovered essential oils, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  I mean, I had never heard of these crazy things before and I already dropped a decent amount of money on a diffuser.  If you are like me, and want to give essential oils a try before going all in, here is my list of top 5 oils to get your collection started.  These, in my eyes, are the main oils that I can’t be without.  I use these 5 ALL THE TIME!

Safety first!-  Just an FYI guys, before applying ANY oil to your skin, test for sensitivity first by putting a drop on an inconspicuous area.  Although not common, people sometimes do have skin reactions.  An amazing tip I learned at an essential oil seminar is that if you are having a reaction to an oil or if they happen to get in your eye, you flush the area with OIL (olive oil, coconut oil, etc), not water (like you might expect!)  Water will just make the reaction worse!  I never would have known that and would have immediately reached for water, so I wanted to share that tid bit with you!

If essential oils are a totally new subject to you, check out my intro post on them.

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Black Bean Burgers


OH.MY. GOSH. You all need to try this recipe ASAP! This is one of my go-to recipes when I am craving something super yummy. This is a vegetarian friendly recipe that is just heavenly. My friends husband told me “it isn’t a burger without meat, it is just a patty”. I don’t care what you call it because either way , it is awesome lol. But I am not a big meat eater any ways, so I have NO problem calling this a burger. I top mine with guacamole (you will learn I have a guacamole obsession. Actually, back that up, avocado obsession. YUM!) and put it on a whole wheat bun. No guac? No bun? No problem! This is equally good thrown on a bed of greens or eaten like a typical burger with a slice of cheese, ketchup, and mustard. Nom nom nom.

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