How To Dehydrate Your Own Herbs

go here how to dehydrate your own herbs at home in three easy steps

acquistare vardenafil online sicuro Campania Today was one of those wonderful days off.  No where to go and nothing pressing to do.  I spent the morning outside playing with the dogs and weeding in the garden.  Then I cut my oregano plant way back and brought all of it in to dehydrate.  Dehydrating is one of my favorite ways to preserve my herbs.  It is so easy to do and they are ready to use all winter long!  Curious how to dehydrate your own herbs?  Then read on, my friend!

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July 2016 Vegetable Garden

watch A glimpse into my July 2016 vegetable garden. Including what is working and what isn't and helpful tips for you!

acquistare viagra online generico a Genova Okay my dear friends, gardening season is in FULL swing.  Which is part of the reason why I have been hanging around on the blog a little less often lately.  I’ve been busy outside playing in the garden and soaking up the sun.  Also we’ve been going on random beach adventures and impromptu frozen yogurt dates.  You know, the important things in life.  How have you been enjoying your summer?  Doing anything super cool?  The weather here has been a lot hotter and drier than typical years, but my plants are loving it so I am not complaining!  My two raised beds are off to the races and I am getting excited for some fresh produce!  So here is a roundup of my July 2016 vegetable garden along with some helpful tips for your home gardens!

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How To Give Your Life A Happiness Boost

quanto costa viagra generico 25 mg online six ways to give your life a happiness boost Feeling a little blah?  Thinking you aren’t as happy as you could be?  Letting stress and anxiety take over?  This little diddy is just what you need then!  I am going over 6 ways to give your life a happiness boost today!  Six things to take with you, implement in your daily life, and start feeling happier.  They’ve worked for me and I hope these tips will work for you too!  Life is too short to be living angry, sad, or stressed out.  Of course, these things will happen from time to time.  It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  But, these six tips will help you maintain a more positive outlook on life that will boost your mood and boost your overall happiness day-to-day!

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Veggie Packed Hummus Wraps

see A all natural and veggie loaded hummus wrap. The perfect nutrient dense lunch to eat on the go during summer fun! We all like quick and easy, especially in the summer when we seem to be running around in a million directions.  Is it just me or does the whole summer just fly by with fun activities, random hikes through the woods/on the beach, and hours in the garden?  So obviously in our house, long drawn out cooking days are a thing of the past.  Save that for when I’ve got 3 feet of snow climbing up the back door.  Then, we’ll talk.  For the summer, I am all about quick meals that are still healthy and delicious.  These quick and healthy hummus wraps deliver!  They take second to whip up, are loaded with veggies, and can be easily eaten on the go!

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100 Days Of Yoga Challenge

100 days of yoga challenge

I got into yoga about 3 years ago.  I am not really even sure how it all began but I remember in the dead of winter just deciding to suck it up and go to a class.  I had never done yoga before but I just felt the need to try it.  I think it was the fact I was living in a city that gets well over 100 inches of snow a season, I NEEDED some winter physical activity.  So I went to a studio 3 days a week for classes.  I got hooked.  Knotty pine walls, wood stove, candle lit classes, aromatherapy workshops, private beach classes.  I couldn’t get enough.  I was preparing for my wedding, starting a new job, and just moved back to my college town.  I needed a stress reliever and this was it!  I was also getting into amazing shape for my wedding and felt awesome!  When I didn’t go to the studio, I would do online classes at home to supplement.

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