Pico De Gallo

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This one is for my dad.  Where we grew up, there was a real deal Mexican restaurant in a trailer that sat outside of the local airport (small, hobby planes only).  This place was amazing and we used to go there for dinner a lot.  Especially when we would come home from college, it was always a treat to go to El Toro.  Especially a treat for my dad, who (like me) LOVES Mexican food.  When we were off at college, my mom and dad would never go there, so when we came home it was always his idea to hit up El Toro.  And me and my sister were already in the car waiting.  Every time we would go, he would ask for “that pico stuff” which always cracked us all up because he was so close to remembering the name, but always forgot the “de gallo” part.  They always knew what he meant though lol and now we all fondly call it “that pico stuff”.  My parents moved 4 hours away and I moved 2 hours away from there, so none of us have gotten to go to El Toro lately.  So when my parents came up last month for the color run, I brought El Toro to us and made pico de gallo.  Although, I warned my dad, it wouldn’t be as good as El Toro made it, but I would try.

pico de gallo

Success!  Although it will never be quite the same, this “pico stuff” turned out pretty darn delicious!  Bright, fresh, flavorful, a little spicy.  Nom, nom, nom.  It just tastes like summertime.  Really, this recipe is quite easy to make.  You just have to chop a couple of things together and mix it up in a bowl.  It is better if it sits for a little while first, to let all of the flavors mesh together.  Pico is an awesome dip for a party, and takes way less time than making actual salsa.  This is also the perfect thing to make all summer long when you have fresh tomatoes and jalapeños coming out of the garden!!  I am still getting a decent amount of tomatoes and peppers out of the garden, so I had to whip up a batch to share the recipe with you all.

pico de gallo fresh

You can use any type of tomatoes you have laying around.  Roma’s work really good, but if you don’t have those, any type will work.  I have even used halved cherry tomatoes, it turns out just fine!  This time around I used a “pineapple tomato” which is an heirloom variety with a marbled yellow/red flesh.  They are super meaty tomatoes and very sweet.  They worked out awesome in the pico as well.  That is why my pico looks half red/half yellow lol.  Any type of hot pepper works too, just adjust based on the heat of your pepper and palate.  I personally prefer jalapeños for this task though.  I also think technically speaking, jalapeños are the pepper of choice in pico.  I am just saying though, use whatever you have growing in the garden.  That is the best part of having a garden!

pinneapple tomatoes

Pico De Gallo
Recipe type: Dip
Quick, easy, and fresh pico de gallo!
  • 3-4 tomatoes, cored and diced
  • 2-3 jalapeños, depending on heat preference
  • ½ onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1-2 limes, juiced (depending on taste, I like things limey)
  1. Put all of ingredients in bowl and mix together.
  2. Serve with chips, on burritos, over chicken, etc.


homemade pico de gallo

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