Recipe Roundup: Lunches for Hot Summer Days

6 healthy lunch recipes for hot summer days

This has been one of the hottest and driest summers we have had, at least in our area, in a couple of years.  We rarely get any days at or close to 90 degrees and we have had them in surplus this year.  We have also had very little rain, with the exception of a HUGE storm that just rolled through this morning (thank you thank you thank you!!!).  Now, I am loving the summer heat, don’t get me wrong.  But, you must remember, I work at a greenhouse.  Outdoors.  All day.  Often times baking in the glass or plastic greenhouses that are upwards of 100 degrees daily.  So, this summer, I have mostly been attached to a hose making up for the lack of rain.  The moral of the story?  When it is that hot out you don’t have an appetite for anything.  But, if you don’t eat something, you will probably faint.  So here is a roundup of my 6 all time favorite lunches to get you through those hot summer days.  They are cool and refreshing and keep you energized for a tough day outdoors.

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Veggie Packed Hummus Wraps

A all natural and veggie loaded hummus wrap. The perfect nutrient dense lunch to eat on the go during summer fun!

We all like quick and easy, especially in the summer when we seem to be running around in a million directions.  Is it just me or does the whole summer just fly by with fun activities, random hikes through the woods/on the beach, and hours in the garden?  So obviously in our house, long drawn out cooking days are a thing of the past.  Save that for when I’ve got 3 feet of snow climbing up the back door.  Then, we’ll talk.  For the summer, I am all about quick meals that are still healthy and delicious.  These quick and healthy hummus wraps deliver!  They take second to whip up, are loaded with veggies, and can be easily eaten on the go!

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Recipe Roundup: Healthy Lunches

6 all natural and healthy lunches Hello friends!  Happy happy Tuesday!  Has it been a total paradise weather wise where you live?  Here, it has been in the 80s and sunny for the past week!  Oh my gosh.  That never happens!  It is just GORGEOUS!!  Right now, I am sitting in the back yard blogging on the patio.  Perfection.  And with the weather warming up, the shorts and tank tops are coming out.  Which means, it is the perfect time to find some new healthy lunch options to keep you looking your summer best!  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  All of these recipes are healthy, natural, easy, and no microwave needed!  Score!!!

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Buffalo Quinoa Salad

An all natural vegetarian buffalo quinoa made with greek yogurt, cannellini beans, and veggies.

Think buffalo chicken meets quinoa … are you drooling yet?!?!  In this house, we love buffalo chicken dip.  We also love all things hot sauce.  (As seen in like half the recipes on here).  This recipe brings the delicious spicy goodness of buffalo chicken dip into a healthy, tasty quinoa salad that is perfect for lunches!  The kicker?  It is vegetarian.  Sorry friends, no chicken in this one.  I loaded it with veggies, quinoa, and a greek yogurt sauce topped with blue cheese crumbles.  DIVINE.    

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Veggie Filled Pasta Salad

veggie loaded pasta saladjpg

I picked too many cucumbers… I said I wouldn’t, but there I was in the fields picking away.  In my defense, I put way too much effort into trying to calculate how many cukes I would need for pickles.  And the recipe was in cups…who measures cucumber spears by the cup?!  How are you even supposed to do that? So I thought, by all of my calculations (which required a pen and paper, it was legit I am telling you!) I needed 80 cucumbers.  FALSE! I needed like 40 or less.  And I ended up with 30 jars of pickles with a plan of only 15.  Mega fail.  So, suffice it to say, I have cucumbers out the ying yang right now.  And this awesome pasta salad swallowed up 3 cups worth!  (If only that made a dent….)

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