Essential Oil Blend for Congestion/Allergies & A Special Message

follow url Matt and I both woke up the other morning feeling like we got run over by the allergy bus. Sinus headaches, congestion, stuffy nose, sore throat.  It was terrible and totally out of no where.  It was also strange that we both seemed to catch the same exact cold.  Overnight.  Matt asked me to mix up a blend in the diffuser to get us feeling back to normal and I thought I would share it with you.  Matt’s brother and dad came to town later in the day and said before they even came inside they smelled the diffuser.  They thought the whole house smelled like a cough drop lol.  I took that as a compliment haha.  Since we weren’t sure what the heck was the issue I wanted a blend for our current symptoms (congested, stuffy nose, sinus headache) as well as preventing anything bigger that might be lurking (cold or flu).

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All Natural Tub and Toilet Cleaner tub and toilet

omprare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida Happy Tuesday night everyone!  Matt just finished up my cold frame and it is SO awesome.  I love it!  I will be posting photos of it tomorrow when there is some sunlight!  Today was a major clean the house day around here.  Cleaning inside has been taking a back seat to puppy training and yard work, so today was the day to catch up!  I had to mix up a new batch of cleaning spray so I thought I would share it with you all.

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