Spicy Tomato Soup

Clomid side effects after stopping four ingredient spicy tomato soup

I love when things are easy.  Especially when it comes to dinner during the week.  Between working full time, entertaining the dogs, cleaning the house, working on the blog, and trying to keep up some kind of workout regime … there isn’t a lot of time left over for slaving over the stove for hours cooking dinner.  I’m more of a half hour and under gal.  Which is why I love making big pots of soups and bakes that you make one day and then have leftovers for the next few days.  I love leftovers.  But, when you run out of leftovers … you can whip up this super easy spicy tomato soup!  Did I mention the best part?  FOUR ingredients.  That is IT!  The other bonus?  You probably have everything in your pantry already.

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Quinoa and Veggie Soup


A hearty and delicious veggie soup loaded with quinoa, tomatoes, greens, and bean

There is nothing better than soup made with all pantry/freezer items.  Am I right?  This soup is the perfect thing to battle cold winter days!  And you don’t even need to leave your house to make it!!  Yayyy!!!  Well, maybe you do.  I’m not sure how stocked your pantry and freezer are lol.  We all know I have a bit of a freezer problem.  As seen here and here.  And I actually just spent a whole weekday night reorganizing and taking inventory of the freezer and chest freezer a few nights ago.  I am telling you, I live a wild and crazy lifestyle.

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Pico De Gallo

pico de gallo pin it_edited-1

This one is for my dad.  Where we grew up, there was a real deal Mexican restaurant in a trailer that sat outside of the local airport (small, hobby planes only).  This place was amazing and we used to go there for dinner a lot.  Especially when we would come home from college, it was always a treat to go to El Toro.  Especially a treat for my dad, who (like me) LOVES Mexican food.  When we were off at college, my mom and dad would never go there, so when we came home it was always his idea to hit up El Toro.  And me and my sister were already in the car waiting.  Every time we would go, he would ask for “that pico stuff” which always cracked us all up because he was so close to remembering the name, but always forgot the “de gallo” part.  They always knew what he meant though lol and now we all fondly call it “that pico stuff”.  My parents moved 4 hours away and I moved 2 hours away from there, so none of us have gotten to go to El Toro lately.  So when my parents came up last month for the color run, I brought El Toro to us and made pico de gallo.  Although, I warned my dad, it wouldn’t be as good as El Toro made it, but I would try.

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Every morning I come outside and play in the garden for at least a little bit.  This time of the year there is always stuff to pick, weed, tie up on the trellis, etc.  Obviously, my favorite of the 3 is to pick the veggies!  Weeding always comes last.  Lol.  So when I come in the house with a bowl of tomatoes, I am trying to think of what to make with them!  I try not to repeat meals too much so we don’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over again.  Luckily, there is no shortage of things to do with tomatoes.  This Bruschetta is super easy and super flavorful; you can’t beat that!

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Cucumber & Cherry Tomato Salad

This simple, fresh, and natural cucumber and cherry tomato salad is the perfect lunch on hot summer days. Topped with feta cheese and homemade dressing.

There is nothing better on a hot day than this salad.  It is cool, refreshing, and tastes like summer.  It is also surprisingly filling.  I’ve been eating this for lunches at work because of the surplus of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden right now.  This salad with a big bowl of local watermelon on the side… you will be in your happy place.  And stuffed.  But also super happy and ready to take on the 90 degree temps we have been having all week.  Recipes like this prove again that eating simple, fresh, and natural foods does NOT have to be boring or taste bland.  Please don’t think that is ever the case!  This is packed with flavor and is totally good for you!

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