August/September Garden Update


Hello friends!!  August just FLEW by for me.  What about you?  I can’t believe it’s September already.  And Mid September at that.  Where did the summer go?!?!  This was one of the warmest and driest summers I can remember in a long, long time.  Which means I was outside watering my garden a LOT.  But, it is totally worth it because the harvests are rolling in and tasting delicious and I couldn’t be more excited.  This is the time of year for us veggie gardeners that makes it all worth it.  Huge harvests, tons of veggies, plants at their peak, it’s the best!

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July 2016 Vegetable Garden

A glimpse into my July 2016 vegetable garden. Including what is working and what isn't and helpful tips for you!

Okay my dear friends, gardening season is in FULL swing.  Which is part of the reason why I have been hanging around on the blog a little less often lately.  I’ve been busy outside playing in the garden and soaking up the sun.  Also we’ve been going on random beach adventures and impromptu frozen yogurt dates.  You know, the important things in life.  How have you been enjoying your summer?  Doing anything super cool?  The weather here has been a lot hotter and drier than typical years, but my plants are loving it so I am not complaining!  My two raised beds are off to the races and I am getting excited for some fresh produce!  So here is a roundup of my July 2016 vegetable garden along with some helpful tips for your home gardens!

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How To Prep Your Vegetable Garden Soil

how to prep your vegetable garden soil: a step by step guide to get your veggie garden soil back to its glory and ready to plant in

Today is all about how to prep your vegetable garden soil.  This is exciting because it means we are almost safe to plant our little veggies!!  Yay!!!  But first, we need to get our soil ready to rock and roll.  If you are like me, your garden has been going for a couple of years now and you know that your soil is probably depleted in important nutrients.  Plants are like us, they need food, water, & nutrients to keep them healthy and growing to their best potential.  Throughout the season, your veggies are eating up all the  nutrients in your soil to grow big and strong.  Not a problem, you can easily boost your soil nutrients in 3 easy steps!  Grab your shovel and let’s get started!

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Garden 2016: Planning & Seed Starting


EEEEEEK!!!!!  It is officially time to start planting seeds indoors.  It is 12 weeks before my last frost date (May 1st) and so naturally I am super excited to get something going in terms of seedlings.  The only thing I am growing that needs started this early is celery and onion. (10 to 12 weeks before last frost date).  So, I will begin my little celery and onion plants super excitedly then have to wait 2 weeks for the next batch of seedlings to get planted.  (Which is just thyme)  Some of you are thinking …. “wow, you find this exciting??  Sounds pretty lame” and some of you are thinking … “OMG YAASSSSSSSS the start of the gardening season, WEEEEEEEE!!”  As you can clearly tell, I am of the latter category.  AND PROUD!  I love gardening and the start of spring is much needed when you are living in a snow globe of 18 degrees.  Once we get 6 to 8 weeks out, things get crazy and I get to start all my tomatoes and peppers!

So, what else am I planting this year besides celery and onions? Oh, I am so glad you asked!  Added bonus … I just discovered some 2013 garden photos tucked away in the crawlspaces of my computer.  2013 was the first year we moved to our house and had these raised beds.  So, I will add those pictures in here to mix it up from seeing last years photos again!

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