August/September Garden Update


Hello friends!!  August just FLEW by for me.  What about you?  I can’t believe it’s September already.  And Mid September at that.  Where did the summer go?!?!  This was one of the warmest and driest summers I can remember in a long, long time.  Which means I was outside watering my garden a LOT.  But, it is totally worth it because the harvests are rolling in and tasting delicious and I couldn’t be more excited.  This is the time of year for us veggie gardeners that makes it all worth it.  Huge harvests, tons of veggies, plants at their peak, it’s the best!

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Quinoa and Veggie Soup


A hearty and delicious veggie soup loaded with quinoa, tomatoes, greens, and bean

There is nothing better than soup made with all pantry/freezer items.  Am I right?  This soup is the perfect thing to battle cold winter days!  And you don’t even need to leave your house to make it!!  Yayyy!!!  Well, maybe you do.  I’m not sure how stocked your pantry and freezer are lol.  We all know I have a bit of a freezer problem.  As seen here and here.  And I actually just spent a whole weekday night reorganizing and taking inventory of the freezer and chest freezer a few nights ago.  I am telling you, I live a wild and crazy lifestyle.

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Garden 2015: September/October Update

jalapeno close up

It is officially October, officially Fall, and officially near the end of the garden. It is also officially Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING season.  As I write this it is rainy and mid 60s and just a totally fall day.  I also ate nachos and cheese for dinner.  Yes, you heard that right.  Just a big ole plate of nachos.  We are all human and sometimes you just crave something.  For me, it was nachos!  Indulge yourself every once in a while and don’t be ashamed!  I know there was nothing fresh or natural about that dinner, but guess what?  I am not perfect and I don’t want you all thinking I am.  Tomorrow I will be back on the healthy train doing yoga and eating quinoa.  Tonight, I wanted to cuddle up in my robe, eat junk food, and veg out.  Go for it!  Why am I sharing this with you instead of pretending I had kale soup for dinner? I want this to be a community where you feel 100% at home, no matter if you are a gluten free vegan, or a carnivorous potato chip junkie.  You are welcome & loved!  I try to always be real and honest with you guys, even though it may not always be what you expect from a blog centered on healthy & natural living.

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Zucchini Pasta

zucchini noodles_edited-1

I wanted to be one of the cool kids.  So I bought a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles.  Obviously I am really late on the spiralizing trend, like, REAAAALLLY late.  But, hey, better late than never, right?  You know what finally got me on the spiralized train?  Watching Food Network Star and Eddie Jackson made zucchini pasta and it looked SO good.  Then a few weeks later my friend was telling me about her zucchini pasta and how delicious it is.  So, 4 years after it became a trend, I bought a spiralizer.  I really wish I would have 4 years ago, lol.  It is amazing.

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Packing the Freezer for Winter: Part 2

chard and veggies for freezer

It has turned to fall over night where I live.  It is low 60s, windy, and rainy.  SO rainy.  Makes me want to cuddle up in my robe with a big glass of cabernet sauvignon.  This happened a few weeks ago too.  We had a strange high 60s/rainy/crappy week in August and I went all fall on everyone.  AKA- I bought a pumpkin and butternut squash, roasted them up, and made soup with caramelized onions and fresh grated ginger.  Matt came home with a fall variety beer pack.  We drank our pumpkin beer and ate our pumpkin soup and all was good in the world.  Then the next day it was 90 degrees and continued to stay in the 90s for the next week.  All my pumpkin soup was the very last thing I wanted to even think about eating when it was that hot out.  So, I popped it all into the freezer.  Now I feel like I should get it back out.  But I think tomorrow is going back up to the 80s, so I will just let it ride out the storm in the freezer until it is officially cooler for a while.

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