The 2016 Garden: End of May 2016 garden may update It is officially garden season here!!  It has been a rocky road already.  I planted most of my seedlings in early May (which, I KNEW was too early but I figured … let’s give it a go).  It was all fine and dandy until we got a SNOW/HAIL storm in mid May.  Not cool.  But, honestly, I didn’t really have any damage to my plants.  I covered them up properly over the weekend of snow and they turned out fine.  Phew!  Now, we have had 80 degree days all week and sun so my plants are finally starting to take off.  YAY!  So today I am going to show you what all I’ve got growing this year!


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cialis fast delivery If you remember from last years garden … I’ve got two 3 by 5 raised beds in my yard.  I also do a little edible patch and some container gardening.  This year, I added a few new things to the mix that I didn’t do last year.  I added in a few blocks of corn (which I have already heard isn’t a good idea and a waste of time … but I did it anyways because I already had the seeds).  I added some celery, which I did two years ago but not last year.  And I purposefully planted basil in the raised beds (rather than thinking I planted spinach and picking it for a salad and realizing it is basil … yeah, that happened last year).  We also built a new raised bed on the back side of our deck and are planting some hops back there!  Matt got into making homemade beer over the winter, and we are hoping we can get the hops established and get a good crop out of them in a few years!

levitra pills in uk garden bed 1

watch So, for my first raised bed (with a trellis)… I have planted the following:

  • 2 prudens purple tomatoes
  • 2 roma tomatoes
  • 1 black krim tomato
  • 1 cherry tomato
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 8 celery
  • 36 onions
  • 36 carrots
  • 16 spinach

levitra women garden bed 2

click here In my second raised bed (no trellis)… I have planted the following:

  • 12 corn
  • 12 peppers (6 different varieties of hot and sweet)
  • 16 cilantro
  • 16 basil
  • 9 green beans

chives and oregano

This is why I absolutely LOVE square foot gardening!!!  For 2 little raised beds, you can fit a lot of stuff!!  Now I know, you are probably squinting to see a lot of the plants right now … but I promise you, they will start taking off in no time.  Aside from this past week, temperatures have been struggling to get INTO the 60s.  Which is NOT good news for any vegetable garden.  Now that we have had consistently warmer weather, things should really start to get big and strong (fingers crossed).   Everything in the raised beds I have started from seed over the winter with the exception of the black krim tomato.  It is an heirloom variety that we get in at work and it is AMAZING.  A coworker planted one last year and the tomatoes had the best taste, and they were ginormous!


Aside from the raised beds, my blueberries are taking a while to look like anything.  Matt keeps telling me they are dead…. they are not!!!  They are just taking their time.  And I have also caught the doggies munching on branches of them … so that doesn’t help things either.  My raspberries as always are a behemoth beast which I meant to go in and prune up a little bit but now I feel like it is too late… they have taken on a mind of their own already.

raspberry patch

We also snuck some edibles into our front landscape this year!  Which, again, right now doesn’t look like much but hopefully will start to fill out and take hold.  I just planted all of the flowers a few days ago and they haven’t quite taken hold yet.  And Matt mulched over half of them the other day and I had to go in and dig them all back out lolol so I am sure that didn’t help matters either.  I planted 2 varieties of rosemary, a thyme plant, some cilantro, 2 peppers, some basil, and some swiss chard all intertwined with my flowers.  I will be sure to take pictures later in the season when it actually looks like something!

japanese maple corner

enter site OVER TO YOU: What do you have growing in your garden this year?  Let me know in the comments below or share photos with me on Facebook or Instagram! (#simplefreshnatural)

much love,



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