Veggie Packed Hummus Wraps A all natural and veggie loaded hummus wrap. The perfect nutrient dense lunch to eat on the go during summer fun!

see url We all like quick and easy, especially in the summer when we seem to be running around in a million directions.  Is it just me or does the whole summer just fly by with fun activities, random hikes through the woods/on the beach, and hours in the garden?  So obviously in our house, long drawn out cooking days are a thing of the past.  Save that for when I’ve got 3 feet of snow climbing up the back door.  Then, we’ll talk.  For the summer, I am all about quick meals that are still healthy and delicious.  These quick and healthy hummus wraps deliver!  They take second to whip up, are loaded with veggies, and can be easily eaten on the go!

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go site hummus wrap veggies So, what sort of fun activities do you guys have planned this summer?  I want to know what awesome stuff you all are up to!  We just got back from a pontooning weekend, which was SO much fun.  We spent the day in the sun and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  We tried to get in the water and swim around, but it was not easy getting back into the boat (it lacked a ladder).  We also had lots of yummy snacks, including my veggie loaded pasta salad.  Which, in the 90 degree heat, was perfectly refreshing.

go moraine day

best price brand cialis internet Also, this summer, Matt and I decided we are going to pretend we live in a beach town.  We technically do live by a beach (yes, it is a LAKE beach and not a real beach, but it is still the same idea).  There is swimming, tons of water activities, and beach fun to be had.  Not to mention tons of hiking trails, wineries, and summer activities.  So, we’ve been going down to the beach with the dogs for the sunset, hiking, and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.  You guys should give it a try too where you live!  It is really fun to take the weekend and just totally pretend you are on vacation.  Even if you don’t think your city has a lot to offer, give it a chance, or do a day trip!  Try new things! Warning … the image you are about to see is NOT healthy or natural!!  But, it was very beach towny and a wonderful date night for Matt and I.  We had Rum Runners on a dock overlooking the boats coming in and out of the bay.  So much fun.  I’ve told you before, I believe in moderation and enjoying yourself! So indulge every once in a while! rum runner

So, please let me know what your summer plans are and enjoy spending time outdoors!  I promise there is a correlation to these hummus wraps and summer fun adventures … so here it is!  Something like these hummus wraps are a perfect food to pack for a picnic lunch, or eat while hiking a trail, or even take out on the kayak with you!  They are portable, filling, good for you, and super tasty!  You can also get creative with the fillings, depending on your favorite veggies and such!  In ours, we like to do peppers, onion, and carrots.  Sometimes, I add in cucumber or broccoli if I’ve got it in the house (which I did today, yay!!)  Totally delicious!  And, I jam a full cup of greens into these bad boys. I got to use my salad greens which are just growing like crazy right now!   But, any mix of greens you like would be awesome.  You can also try out different flavors of hummus to mix it up too.  I usually use our homemade jalapeño garlic hummus but, you can totally use store bought too (I used store bought today).  You could even add some chicken or black beans for an extra protein kick.  Also, if your lunch is this healthy and nutrient dense, you won’t even feel bad about enjoying a rum runner later in the day!

veggie filled hummus wrap

Please note- the yellow things are actually carrots.  They look like pineapple chunks.  I’ve been buying organic rainbow carrots at the store, and all I had left for the photo today was yellow!  : )

Quick and Healthy Hummus Wraps
Recipe type: Lunch
A all natural and veggie loaded hummus wrap. The perfect nutrient dense lunch to eat on the go during summer fun!
  • 1 whole wheat wrap
  • ¼ cup (or to your liking) hummus
  • 1 cup packed mixed greens
  • Chopped veggies to fill it up! Examples: carrots, onion, pepper, cucumber, broccoli
  1. Lay out your lettuce on your wrap.
  2. Smear the hummus on your lettuce (rather than the wrap - this keeps your wrap from getting soggy)
  3. Load up with your favorite veggies.
  4. Wrap it up & enjoy.
  5. If I am taking this to go, I wrap it in cling wrap nice and tight. Then, when you are ready to eat it, it is packed in a perfect little carrying case. Just open one end, and munch away without worrying about all of the insides falling out the back.

hummus wrap insides OVER TO YOU: What is your favorite to-go lunch for busy summer days?  Let me know in the comments below!

much love,


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    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it! That is my favorite thing about this recipe, it is SO easy and quick to make!

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