We Are Having A Baby!

levitra plus original sale Where have I been?!?!  I know guys, I am so sorry!  I totally disappeared for a while there.  But, with good reason.  I’ve been a little busy, you know, being PREGNANT!!!!  Actually, that is no reason why I couldn’t sit at my computer and blog.  But trust me, if you read on, you will see I was in no state of mind to do much of anything for the past month or so.  But, today I officially hit the second trimester, and I am officially starting to feel a little bit better.  The post you are about to read is from 7 weeks ago now (oh my gosh, that long already!!)  Trust me, it is kind of a jumbled emotional mess that doesn’t make 100% sense, but that is just how my brain was working at the time.  I’ve been blogging every couple of weeks now about how things are going, so I will be posting those in the near future as well!  So here we go…


from online drugstore real levitra canadian I know, I know!!  I can barely believe it myself still.  When you see those two little lines show up on that test at home, you feel so many emotions all at once!  It’s so exciting, but also really scary, it’s all so new!  We’ve been feeling so lucky and excited about the whole experience and it still really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I haven’t gone to my OB/GYN yet, my appointment is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.  I think then it will really feel, well, REAL!  According to my apps that I downloaded, I think I am around 7 weeks in right now.  But, I am sure I will have a much better idea of all that when I go to the doctors.  I am trying to not be too excited yet, just incase that home test I took fooled me, but from all the feelings I’ve got going on … I’m pretty sure that the test was accurate.

http://history4girls.com/?search=puss-under-skin-after-accutane So far, my pregnancy hasn’t been quite what I thought it would be.  For one thing, I’ve been battling a very strong head cold/flu for the past two weeks, which is just making dealing with morning sickness so much more difficult.  Of course, my morning sickness decided to really kick into high gear on Christmas Eve.  Which, when you are trying to keep the whole thing private (until we have an actual doctor’s appointment) is VERY difficult.  I had the cover of my cold to kind of “blame” but most of my holiday meals went something like me forcing myself to eat some of it, despite having no appetite, and then running to the furthest away bathroom as quickly as I could because I was about to throw it all up and I didn’t want anyone to hear me.  Then coming back into the group like nothing had happened at all.  Also, saying no to wine immediately made my parents think I was pregnant and ohhhh and ahhhh.  My sister had my back saying she isn’t PREGNANT, she is just SICK and doesn’t feel good!!  Although, my sister out of the blue, before I even had a missed period, asked me if I was pregnant…. so I think she has had a secret feeling about this whole thing and is just trying to keep it on the down low.  Sisters always know!

source link Now, around week 7, my morning sickness is at its worst so far.  I can’t keep anything down.  I’ve been throwing up multiple times a day, and I just feel totally drained overall.  And whoever said morning sickness is just in the mornings is a LIAR!!!  Mine is definitely worst in the mornings, but it lingers all day for sure!  Since I have another 5 or so weeks of this to go, I’ve started trying everything I can to at least make it manageable.  I had to go home from work after an hour and a half yesterday because I was so sick and on the verge of vomiting I couldn’t stand it. Today, I am hoping for better luck!  But, despite all of the morning sickness, we are just so excited for this entire experience and so happy for what the future holds!

http://kitchenshrinks.com/?search=levitra-lowest-price I will keep posting every couple of weeks to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on during this crazy and exciting 9 months!

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