Weeks 10 to 14

quanto costa viagra generico 50 mg in farmacia a Venezia For todays post, I am recapping weeks 10 through 14 of my pregnancy!  These past four weeks have been the most exciting so far.  I had my second prenatal appointment where we got the see the baby on a sonogram and we got to hear the heart beat.  I announced the pregnancy to the rest of my family and friends.  I am also coasting into the second trimester, which is supposed to be the best of the three!  Let’s get right into it!

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http://rssbsuratshabadyog.org/?search=viagra-drug-contraindications-for-amoxicillin Let’s start with the best part of all.  My second prenatal appointment.  I was legitimately nervous going into this appointment that there wasn’t going to be a heartbeat, or something was just going to be otherwise terribly wrong. I don’t know why I was so nervous, I just was.  But, as soon as the sonogram video started showing up and I could actually see the baby with my own two eyes, it was just the biggest sigh of relief.  It was also the most magical thing to see for the first time with your first baby.  Even though the baby was only about two inches long at the time of the appointment, it looked SO much like a baby.  I mean, it was almost deceiving to see on the screen it looked so big and then remember its only two inches long!  It was seriously the coolest thing ever, little baby was wiggling all around, putting his/her fists up in the air, and crossing its little feet.  Matt and I were just so over the moon excited watching the screen.  We got to watch the baby’s little heart pumping up and down on the sonogram and then we got to hear the heart beat later in the appointment with the doctor.  It was so awesome.  I left that appointment so excited and happy.

http://pray4awakening.com/?search=how-to-buy-viagra-tablets After that appointment, I felt much more confident in sharing the news with the rest of our family and friends!  So, I made phone calls, told friends in person, and did the famous Facebook post.  It was such an exciting time and you feel so full of love seeing everyone’s heartwarming comments.  My friends at work yelled at me for lying to their faces for the past month or so and kept saying “we knew it, we knew it!!”  So we all got a good laugh out of that when they started putting all of the pieces together.  It was kind of like, hmm so the saltines, and the pale, sickly face, and the moving around very slowly all make a lot more sense now…  All of the soon-to-be grandparents were SO excited they could finally share the news with people and didn’t have to keep it a secret any longer.  I think keeping the secret might have been harder on them than it was for Matt and I, haha.

enter site So, let’s talk about symptoms and changes and all that fun stuff.  Morning sickness started going down to only a couple of times a week, instead of every day.  Then it was once a week, here and there.  Right now, I am hoping it’s gone for good but it always seems to creep back up for one last show.  The food aversions have taken a little longer to get rid of and are still kinda creeping around.  Not much is very appetizing yet, some stuff sounds, looks, or smells downright disgusting.  I have definitely been eating more foods and eating more regularly the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t really been looking forward to eating anything yet.  I’m hoping the food aversions will start to fade away slowly like the morning sickness has.

free trial of viagra so, for now, that is about it!

watch much love,

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