What’s Growing On – The September Garden

Many people think of September as the end of summer, and therefore the end of garden fresh veggies.  This is so far from the truth! Yes, plants are beginning to die off and many are slowing on production, but September is the beginning of fall veggies like butternut squash, apples, pumpkins, brussel sprouts, grapes, and cabbage!  September is also still cranking out tomatoes and peppers like it’s a job.  As temperatures cool, there are also a few surprises in the garden.  Those strawberry plants that have been looking half dead all summer are suddenly producing a late season crop of fresh berries.  Lettuce and kale can again thrive without the summer heat killing them.  Onions and carrots are starting to pop through the soil, telling you they are ready to pull.


I took some pictures of my garden tonight to show you what is growing on on my little plot of land in September:


The big gap used to be a zucchini plant. I picked the last 2 zucchini today and then pulled up the plant. I am going to do a late crop of spinach, kale, and lettuce in its spot. This bed also has 4 pepper plants, 16 onions, and 16 carrots.
This is my second raised bed. I have 5 tomato plants, a butternut squash (which is the trellised giant), a bunch of pepper plants, and 3 celery plants.

Late season strawberry crop


My raspberries aren’t slowing down any time soon



What does your garden look like this September?  Put your pictures in the comments, I would love to see them!


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